Staff leasing is not typical outsourcing.

It allows you to establish your own offshore team in the Philippines.

In a standard outsourcing scenario, you will engage with a third-party provider to deliver a solution. The organization generally works with a multitude of clients with no direct involvement of executing the work.

Staff leasing lets you work with your own team members who reports directly to you and delivers the solution and accountability as local team members.

Global Staff Connections is about helping you find great people to work for you. Once employed, your staff will work for you full-time as one of your employees in our Australian-standard office space in the Philippines. Under most contracts, we also share the costs associated in flying them over to meet the team or flying you over to the Philippines to ensure the cohesive foundation of the relationship of both parties.

Staff Leasing

  • Hire a dedicated staff member that delivers as your own employee
  • You have full control over the execution of work
  • Office space, pay and entitlements and HR matters are managed for you
  • We share the expense to meet the staff in person for face-to-face training and rapport building

Outsourced Services

  • You engage with an outside provider to deliver a solution
  • The organisation works with a multitude of clients at once
  • Offers little to no control over the work done
  • You do not know the person you are working with


Operational Flexibility

With staff leasing, your business is more flexible to expand or downsize.

Significant Savings

Enjoy significant savings in recruitment, office space, equipment and pay and entitlements with an offshore team. The cost of living differential of the Philippines versus Australia makes it an effective tool in optimising your business. This also allows you to pay above market rates for your offshore employees.

Wide Talent Pool

Take advantage of a wide pool of candidates matched according to your requirements. The selected candidates adjust their working hours to suit your local work days and time zones.


The staff are trained with the corporate culture of your firm. Direct their activities without any intermediaries.

Personal Touch

Be involved in developing your team by conducting face-to-face training which further builds rapport. Global Staff Connections is willing to share the costs when we send the staff to Australia.





IT Support

Web Development and Management

Software Programming

Digital Marketing

Human Resource

Admin Support

Others – If you have functions that you want to do offshore but not listed above, feel free to consult with us.