Full-Time Staff Leasing Model

We deploy a remote staff to your business. GSC is recognized as their legal employer, but they are managed by you as their de facto employer.

Working parameters:

  • 8 working hours a day, exclusive of 1 hour lunch break
  • Australian working hours and holidays followed
  • 12 annual leave and 10 sick leave days per annum


Our simple fee structure is based on:

  1. Generous remuneration and non-salary benefits to employees (allowing us to attract and retain top-tier personnel)
  2. A fair administration and management fee, which covers:
    • Premium, Australian-quality office space in Manila
    • Workstation hardware and software
    • Internet and other telecoms services
    • Operational management, including IT support and other administrative and overhead costs

The staff fee is calculated as follows:

Actual employee costs (basic salary + benefits staff is entitled to)


Administration and management fee

With our quality-focused model, we are still able to provide Philippines staffing costs at about one-third of Australian market rates.

If you can see the direct impact this would have on your business – or would like to speak to us further about case studies – then please contact us here.