Global Staff Connections offers an end-to-end solution to provide you with a full-time staff who reports directly from our managed office in the Philippines. We work with you throughout the recruitment process from identifying the right candidates to hosting your team member in an Australian-standard office environment.

We manage the staff in an office space which includes state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to enable seamless communication between your local and international staff, an HR department that is focused on employee welfare, and day-to-day supervision and support from an experienced team.

Work, Training, and Evaluation Process

Global Staff Connections will work with you to identify:

  • Staff job description and key performance targets
  • Training and implementation program and timetable
  • Technology requirements
  • Changes in your local business required to successfully integrate a GSC employee and ensure results are delivered as expected
  • Workflow management procedures

You will need to provide the following:

  • Access by the staff to data, servers and software needed for the execution of their duties
  • Training of staff on specific tasks that needs to be accomplished in order to fulfil job details and meet performance targets
  • Monthly, weekly or daily task schedules with the timeframe and prioritisation level that the staff need to adhere to
  • All necessary information and data (through soft or hard copy) needed by the staff to perform the job


One of the key elements necessary to the ensure success of a staff leasing arrangement in a remote working environment is the successful design and implementation of IT equipment and infrastructure. To facilitate communications and supervision, we provide the following facilities for all staff:

Workstation Hardware

We furnish customizable computer specifications of computer peripherals that is necessary for your staff to perform their designated roles effectively. We can either provide a computer that your employee works on, or alternatively a terminal that is used to remote control a computer in your local office.

Workstation Software

We install the necessary applications needed by the employees for their respective roles.

Networking and Connectivity

High speed internet connection complete with backup systems in place. We can also show you how to view your remote staff’s computer screens to improve training and productivity.

VOIP Phone (Optional)

Many of our clients communicate with their staff using Skype. Where necessary, we can help you setup VOIP telephones for your staff to make phone calls.

Security and Confidentiality

Data security is our primary importance, that is why your staff only access your software to key in important data. Where necessary, limited access can be given by implementing controls and restricting access to your server. Each employee through Global Staff Connections signs a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, a non-compete clause, and an intellectual property rights agreement pertaining to your company and industry.