The Company

Global Staff Connections (GSC) was jointly conceived by an Australian accounting firm and a Filipino conglomerate with businesses providing advertising, marketing and other diversified services, in order to address a gap for Australian businesses needing to add capacity but have reservations of going offshore.

The company has established a unique approach making it easy for businesses to employ staff in an efficient and transparent manner, helping firms to capitalize on significant labor cost differential.

As Australian businesses face a challenge in their growth due to increasing labor costs, GSC is able to provide a solution by integrating the remote staff with the client’s existing team. The remote staff operate efficiently as they are integrated in the client’s system and culture.

Why choose us

From a multitude of outsourcing firms in the market, Global Staff Connections offers a unique opportunity in setting up your own offshore team.

  • You are involved in the process of selecting the right candidate that is matched according to your requirements.
  • Your staff work for you full-time communicating with you directly, following the hours and holidays of your company.
  • Facilitate learning and establish rapport either in your office in Australia or in the remote office in the Philippines.
  • Hire elite performers in the Philippines at a fraction of hiring in Australia.


To be the partner of choice for Australian companies for staff leasing services.


To provide streamlined and cost-effective staffing solutions by connecting Australian clients to high-calibre staff, handholding for a seamless onboarding, and facilitating training to meet the desired skillset requirements.